Our workshop has all the necessary tools and parts to get your bike fixed up and back on the road, usually with same day service if possible. If the repair requires a specialist part then we can special order it in for you and book your repair as soon as it arrives. Our workshop team are happy to answer customer enquiries and give good honest advice to help you decide what level of service your bike needs.

Suspension servicing is a speciality at Deano’s.
Most fork or rear suspension servicing will be conducted by our qualified workshop mechanic on site with a 24 hour turn around unless shock needs to be sent offsite for major repair.

If for any reason your suspension item is required to be sent to the factory for servicing you will be charged according to their costs plus $40 handling fee for removal of unit, postage, refitting and adjustment.


Wheel building done on site.

Our Mechanic can hand-build any wheel you like, exactly conforming to your requirements (please ask for a quote). Standard wheel building prices vary according to what spokes, rims and hubs are used, these prices will vary for specialist wheels e.g. bladed spokes, carbon fibre wheels, Mountain Bike, Downhill or BMX.

Finding the right bike for you
Selecting the right bike for the right use is just as important as selecting the correct size. It’s important that you put thought into the intended use and then match the bike to that. Once the style of bike has been decided the selection of size is made easier. Our right bike for you guide will be a helpful tool to help you make the right choice.

With times changing and people buying parts on-line more and more these days, Deano’s are more than happy to professionally fit them to your bike at an affordable rate, whether it be building a whole bike from a box or fitting a new derailleur we can do it all for you.


We are also happy to build boxed bikes from department stores.

Shimano D12 Electronic diagnostics
Deano’s is now tooled to offer Shimano Di2 servicing, diagnostics and custom reprogramming. The cost of this service is $60 and for this you get access to the following:Shimano Di2 servicing consists of updating the firmware for each component in the groupset. It is essential that firmware for Di2 components is kept up to date in order to maximise their potential on battery life and shifting performance. This also opens up the ability to change the functions and operation on 6770 and 6870 Ultegra, and 7970 and 9070 Dura-Ace.Our Di2 software can be used for error diagnostics. This is detecting a fault, error or break in the electrical circuit of the drivetrain. Crashes and/or falls can of course damage the components on our bikes and it is sometimes difficult to determine where faults lie. Our diagnostic software can pinpoint the component(s) at fault, making for quick and effective repair. Electrical connections can also come loose or apart following a crash or reassembly, our Di2 software can again detect the specific point in the circuit at fault.Custom reprogramming features:– Customise the shifter button layoutIt is possible to reverse the function of the shifters, reassign the function of each button, or even operate both derailleurs from one side of the handlebar. This could be particularly useful if you want to personalise the shifting pattern of your levers or if you have dexterity problems with one hand. Ancillary shifters are available: SW-7972 sprint shifters, SW-R600 climbing shifters, and SW-R671 TT/Tri bar end shifters. These can all be customised alongside your conventional shifters to perform different roles.– Speed of shifting

We can tune the speed of the gear shift to five settings: ‘Very Slow’ – ‘Slow’ – ‘Normal’ – ‘Fast’ – ‘Very Fast’. The default setting is ‘Normal’. Slowing down the shift will lend to a more mechanical, tactile and progressive feel whilst improving battery performance. Increasing the speed of the shift will lend to a more aggressive feel, possibly more appropriate for racing, but will slightly decrease the battery performance.

– Multi-shift function

It is sometimes desirable to shift multiple gears with one action, much in the same way you can with a mechanical shift. It is possible to shift across two, three or all gears of the cassette with one prolonged pressing of the shift lever. This is particularly useful when faced with an unexpected climb and a swift changing of gears is required.

– Trim adjustment

There is nothing worse than listening to your chain grinding against your front derailleur. In theory, your Di2 front derailleur will self-adjust according to where your rear derailleur is positioned on the cassette. However, it cannot account for individual frame characteristics such as manufacturing tolerances and bottom bracket stiffness which can lend itself to unnecessary drivetrain noise. Adjusting the level of automatic trimming of the front derailleur can combat this.

We have the facility to record customised Di2 setups for future reference. This can be particularly useful if you have multiple bikes and wish to replicate the shifting characteristics on another bike. A crash may damage a particular component and your stored settings can be transferred across to restore your bike back to normal. Variations in race courses may demand different shifting characteristics, you can have unlimited saved settings to switch between.